dental crown single appointmentSame-Day Crowns

Designed and placed in a single appointment

Too busy for multiple dental visits? We have good news! Now you can have your dental crown designed and placed in a single appointment. No annoying temporaries or repeat visits!

With CAD-CAM Technology our doctors are able to design your crown while you wait. Our practice has invested in E4D restorative technology to provide our patients with custom crowns, inlays and onlays in the comfort of our office.

Using a special optical impression, we acquire a digital image of your existing teeth and create your new restoration to fit your bite. With a vast shade selection, your new restoration will look and feel like your natural teeth.

We know you are busy! Many of our patients that have experienced E4D dentistry have commented on how much they enjoyed taking less time out of their schedule to have their crown done in a single appointment.

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Have you been putting off dentistry because of a limited schedule? Contact us to learn more about our same day crowns.